Meet Your Free Realms Referees!

Chief Referee ScarletEdit

Hi there! I'm Referee Scarlet!

I look after all the Referees you see in Free Realms, and make sure that there is always a friendly face around if you ever need a little help. I only have the best Refs on my team, so you can be sure that fun follows them where ever they go!

I love listening to music, and going to concerts - in fact I have tickets to 4 shows im looking forward to this year already - AC/DC, Def Leppard, Metallica, and Judas Priest! I really love football - English and American! My favourite (That's right, favoUrite) teams are Tottenham Hotspur in England, and the San Diego Chargers in the States. They're the best, and don't try to argue about it because you won't win!

In my free time my favourite place to hang out is Shrouded Glade…it's so pretty and peaceful there. I also like to eat sushi, deliver mail as a Postman, and I love doing quests for the Trading Card Game!

More than anything I love to help people, so just let me know if you need anything at all!

Lead Referee SeafoamEdit

Hey folks! This is Lead Referee Seafoam at your service.

—As my name implies, you’ll probably find me passing the hours of each day close to the beach. If there are waves to be had, I’ll try my luck at body surfing and if not, I’ll most likely be trying to make the biggest splash out at sea. In the wee hours of the morning and night you’ll most likely find me making friends by the bonfire or playing a song or two.

If you see me roasting marshmallows or serenading the waves, don’t be a stranger!