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Kristine Khanner, is a known Dimensional refugee of primal earth, at age 16 she left her home, along with her half sister, a native born pixie/alien humanoid hybrid of sacred grove, their mother's current where abouts are unknown, but in the time the two left primal earth in search of a new world to live on one of the worlds they settled on for quite a long time was Sacred Grove in the area of snow hill, Misty began school in the druid academy, while Kristine resumed her mother's former mantel as The Cybrchill. Both sisters have used the mantle once prior, but none more fit the rebellious reject of science more then Kristine, the only one of the sisters, their mad scientist grandfather, had any interest in modifying...

The time lapse between worlds made it perfect for her to blend in, their Mother had been gone years, and Misty with her new found shape shifting easily blent into the crowd, but Kristine was eager to start her life anew, fix the mistakes of her previous track record of her Descendance to Villainy, then re-ascending into heroism, right before her world came to an end, for her it was a new chance, no more acipins full of who knows what kinda dangerous chemicals some mad scientist thought would turn her into a unstoppable Juggernaut, and she was at the same age her mother had left, it was the perfect way to reinvent herself.
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Taking up the old mantel, and applying for a name change, she took her mother's place... watching over the town of snow hill waiting for some villain to appear, though it was rather hopeless due to the only real threats being hidden inside caves, the only exterior danger, was those wolves, and wandering bad guys that are easily dispatched. So eventually Kristine stopped caring about the secret identity never lasted long where she came from anyways, and now here her snazzy costume is just a bold fashion statement, but at least she wasn't being used as a Ginny pig in some research lab.

Eventually she left Sacred Grove to a new world where the friends she knew from her youth had moved to all along...

but, she occasionally comes back, just to check in on her inheritance....

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