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Surprisingly the elder sibling of Kristine Khanner, Mistique Khanner, or Misty as she prefers, is a native born pixie/alien humanoid hybrid of Sacred Grove, Daughter to a pixie father, and alien nomad mother, She spent her youth in the Snowhill, or in Sanctuary with her pixie kin, it was a few years, and she although vaguely, remembers those days, with joy.. However, At a young age, Misty and her Mother left Sacred Grove for a new dimension. As a result, Misty spent most of her life on Primal Earth, going to school with mutants and the children of superheros. Misty grew to like the life of a super hero. Though she was trained as a natural with only a few true powers, such as winged flight, she couldn't get much into combat, but she knows enough to defend herself, but that would soon change, she would soon meet someone who would change her life forever...

When she was 16 years old, she became a Peacebringer an alien hybrid formed from the fusion of an alien energy being called a Kheldian and a willing host. After Graduation,

Misty COH

Misty started working with local police in a program for beings like her. Then tragedy struck and they needed to escape, She sought the only other home she had ever known, Scared Grove, being a Pixie Misty had hidden potential in the Arcane the Gloam invasion presented a challenge, dark forces where at work, and Misty often times came to use her abilities to strengthen the defenses, While her sister fought on the front lines.... After those events, Kristine had managed to get Misty enrolled in the druid academy, and she now had the tools she needs to use the power hidden within her.

But, like her sister she was eventually needed else where, but she always gets homesick, and being a nomadic type, Misty is always seen somewhere in the universe, as someone or something... her Kheldian shape shifting is the perfect way to learn more about a species, by becoming one herself...

And, with her newly Ascended Celestial Abilities, she would be able to keep more then just her Dimension safe from harm.

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